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Tuesday, 29 October 2013 07:05

Personal Points on A123 Systems Bankruptcy

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U.S. A123 filed for bankruptcy protection ( not bankruptcy ) has been two weeks, watching the domestic lithium industry remained silent on the matter, I feel compelled to speak much. In fact, filed for bankruptcy protection on the A123 went that day, I was not surprised, because we have been through a number of channels in the understanding of attention to it. A123 's performance the last two years can be said to be " bleak ", on the verge of danger not once or twice, but this was finally barely.

1. how does A123 lithium become China 's leader?
I have never been able to understand that a hundred people in small companies ( with SamsungSDI, LG and Sanyo comparison, A123 at best, only a handbag company only ), how to become China's lithium industry " leader" of ? LFP in China from 2005 fever begins, A123 has become a benchmark for the domestic Chinese LFP fans to adhere A123, A123 lithium in recent years seems to have become the domestic industry, "Whampoa Military Academy." Why ? Is actually very simple, it is "American " + "MIT" + "LFP". Chinese research and industry, all the only U.S. lead. U.S. sneezes uncle, we have a heavy cold. U.S. Route route is China, the United States uncle are so gone, we have followed the wrong doing of it ? With tight ! Wow, MIT Yeah, America's " Tsinghua" Yeah ( Hey ), Niubi ah ! Starting in 2005, LFP became the great savior of domestic lithium industry, and that hot ah ! With the domestic lithium industry to meet friends is always the first thing that you do not burn the LFP ? As if I did not do LFP, would not engage in lithium ! Ming Chiang is a Taiwanese, it is natural the company accounted for a large proportion of Chinese people. In recent years, a large number of domestic enterprises to dig people from the A123, this twenty pass hundreds, A123 myth so when everyone mouth created. Thus, a school-run enterprise-level shell companies ( of you fans do not get angry, this is true ), and thus became China's lithium industry " leader" of the ! In contrast, Phostech and Valance almost no A123 so God, and in the pursuit of domestic efforts A123 is far worse. One important reason is that, Phostech and Valance no few people inside China, people Liang Dong total sum of all the high-level figures, there will be no thought and energy to engage in blind blending of myth.

2. Is A123 technology really excellent ?
Practical terms, A123 technology is good, but the overall level of technology, in the international arena at best mid-range only. A123 powder material with a P2 Phostech there are still gaps. Of course, if you bicker with me I have no idea, I just believe that our internal test data. A123's technology strength lies LFP battery production piece, indeed, it is unique. It does pole piece is good than other stores. But not to say, A123 LFP batteries in this piece, the first in the world do ? Have you seen SamsungSDI, LG, or Sanyo 's LFP batteries? No. Because Japan and South Korea do not do these manufacturers LFP battery ( at least not mass production ). Japanese and Korean manufacturers say you will not do these LFP battery ? Or can not do better than the A123 ? If you think so, I have nothing to say. A123's LFP batteries do really well, but that is compared with the results of many domestic manufacturers. Sentence, A123 's LFP battery myth, that is pulling the eldest son dwarf inside only. Our internal assessment report on the A123's depicts should be quite objective.

3. Why A123 goes bankrupt ?
This does not, in a recent Ministry of Science and the Ministry of the brick house came out and said, A123 bankruptcy because the electric car market has not developed well, rather than LFP problem. Is this really so? We often hear the car manufacturers complain, can not find a suitable battery manufacturer can offer to meet their needs battery products. The question now is, LFP batteries can not fully meet the actual needs of low cost and high reliability. A123 battery, the cost is too high. High cost is due to various reasons, the material cost is only one of them, also includes production management operating costs. As long as the U.S. operations, A123 cost reduction is unlikely. But because it is funded by the DOE determines that it can not leave the United States. It can be said, A123 root causes of bankruptcy, or their products can not meet the market demand, rather than the battery no market. They could not handle the balance between cost and performance in the industry or that their vision and policy aspects of the existence of errors

4. A123 bankrupted, why people are choosing to remain silent ?
A very interesting phenomenon, I found that the domestic counterparts on the A123 lithium bankruptcy, most people chose silence. There are also several forum postings report the matter, but with only a handful, far less than those posts lively gossip paste or irrigation. This odd strange, domestic lithium industry most people are engaged in LFP, why what of the " eldest brother " Official indifferent it ? In fact, they are just selective silence it. Now that this has been on the pirate ship, knowing that in front of the abyss, and can only bite the bullet and fight on it.

5 views on Vientiane acquisition A123
When I saw the Vientiane prepared to buy A123, my first time posting, Vientiane CEOs or is rolling his head to the door, or is really a fool. Leaving aside how the A123's asset quality, it is worthwhile to acquire, Could you really think Wall Street speculators are fools, let your white pick up a bargain ? A123 was funded by the DOE, and the new energy is a strategic industry in the United States established, they will make you a Chinese company acquired ? Even if you want to acquire, not quietly engaging, but also the fear that Congress does not know much fanfare like ? Really do not understand why there is always so much money domestic stupid people of the Lord, that we may really have been very prosperous now.

6. A123 bankruptcy impact on the development of China's lithium
A123 closure of the route for the development of the domestic lithium problem, it will be a heavy blow. A123 bankruptcy has actually proved LFP line failure, but people are reluctant to admit it. Deeper reason, we all know very well. Basically you can say that we in the past seven years, to go the long route, turn overtaking became a laughing stock. Tens of billions of hit in the LFP above is basically a boondoggle ( of course there is a lot of money into the personal pockets ). China lithium from completely lost the opportunity to catch up with Japan and South Korea. Of course, some people say devils and stick considered a bird Yeah, our goal is to American uncle ! haha.

PS: I was doing research, everything emphasizes realistic. So for any kind of material, are not biased, not to oppose the LFP. I resent that you can not follow the trend of the U.S. losers, feeling he is your uncle ? ( It really is some people's uncle ) I posted four years ago, objective analysis LFP and LMO route, and the result is sprayed by numerous people. I have never objected to engage LFP, I am opposed to is the treasure of all the pressure on it, but also pressed the wrong ! China such a big country, so much of the market, whether it is from a political point of view or from the after school will be betting on one thing on the consequences would be disastrous. How to say, not all eggs in one basket, right ? Contending two, flourishing in the early industrialization of scientific research and are absolutely necessary.
It was always eager, LFP flicker can not, gotta find something flicker right ? This does not, lithium air and lithium-rich solid solution has begun. You sing really our debut Yeah, interesting, something lively...
One of the words, and sincerely hope that China lithium do bigger and stronger!

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