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Nickel Zinc Battery (Ni-Zn)

Currently we have only released two models of Ni-Zn battery of AA2500mWh and AAA1000mWh, which is out of question, the most optimal replacement of 1.5V alkaline primary. (mWh / V = mAh)

Rechargeable Nickel Zinc Battery has developed a high-energy density, long-cycle life and low-cost nickel-zinc (NiZn) battery ideal for applications that require high discharge rate capabilities. The technology offers compelling performance advantages, most notably a 30% weight and dimension reduction coupled with higher power and superior low temperature discharge behavior. 

Cell Model Nominal Volts Rated Capacity Dimensions (mm) Weight (g) Impedance  O.C.V. C.C.V. Cycle Life
Height Diameter
50AA2500 1.6V 2500mWh 51.0-1.0 14.5-0.7 25 ≤30mΩ 1.8V 1.6V ≥ 200
44AAA1000 1.6v 1000mWh ≤45.0 ≤10.5 11 ≤38mΩ 1.8V 1.6V ≥ 200